MarketMeter is the interactive market insights company founded by former members of East Coles and J.P. Morgan. At its core, MarketMeter is an online platform that quantifies the perceptions of institutional investors in relation to ASX listed companies. Our clients are the Boards, Management and Investor Relations teams of listed companies who subscribe to the platform to gauge company performance relative to their peers on a semi-annual basis.

We are delighted to have partnered with the Australasian Investor Relations Association (AIRA) to conduct our corporate research. AIRA is the industry body that is synonymous with best practice in the investor relations arena.

Powerful Insights for Corporates

In the age of information overload and time poor Boards and executives, MarketMeter allows ASX listed companies to clearly see in just a few charts where they are outperforming or underperforming their peers across 5 broad categories: board, management, financials, strategy and shareholder engagement.

The interactive nature of the platform allows companies to cut and dice the information to gain deeper insights into the data. Corporates can select their benchmark based on the relevant index, sector or a basket of listed companies of their choosing. The platform is interactive so companies are able to drill down into the information and select either tier groups of investors based on FUM size, or select a basket of investors of their choosing.

Value for Investors

Institutional investors support the research so as to benefit from a stock screening tool not available elsewhere in the market. Investors can compare their stock views against those of their peers, including an ability to selectively filter responses to gain greater granularity but without comprising respondent confidentiality. Participation in the MarketMeter research provides an opportunity for investors to conduct a post reporting season review and team analysis of market positions.

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